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June 19, 2018

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows for Every Face Shape


Eyebrows for Oval Shaped Faces

An oval face is often considered the "ideal" face shape, but the right eyebrows will enhance your naturally blessed features even more. Generally, a soft angled eyebrow shape will enhance your look and is the most commonly used eyebrow shape for people with an oval-shaped face. The soft angle eyebrow goes straight up and then subtly curves at the top and then comes down.  

Eyebrows for Square Shaped Faces

Square faces are naturally more angular and therefore incredible dramatic, even before you get to your eyebrows. Obviously, you want to complement these natural angles rather than exaggerate them. This means the best eyebrows for people with square-shaped faces is a soft, round eyebrow. Now don't go making your eyebrows look like two perfect half spheres (AKA the "rainbow" look), rather, you want your eyebrows to have a soft arch.  

Eyebrows for Long Faces

Long faces, much like a square face, tend to give a naturally dramatic look on their own. For this reason, you'll want to go with a flat or straight eyebrow in order to maintain balance and horizontal symmetry, as well as to not take away from the makeup you'll be wearing. Additionally, horizontal eyebrows on a long face have the optical illusion of making the face look shorter because they tend to break up the features of your face in a complimentary way.

Eyebrows for Round Faces

The perfect eyebrows for people with round faces are, surprisingly, also round! However, much like people with square-shaped faces, you don't want to make your eyebrows arch too much. Create an eyebrow with a high arch rather than a gentle curve to avoid making your face appear even rounder. It's a delicate balance but with practice, you can really perfect your round face brow game.

Eyebrows for Heart-Shaped Faces

A heart-shaped face means a smaller chin area and for this reason, you definitely want to avoid a dramatic eyebrow shape. The best brows for folks with heart-shaped faces tend to be ones with a subtle curve and a lot of volume. This helps off-set the pointy chin and draws attention up to your eyes, making for a full-balanced look.

Eyebrows for ALL Face Shapes

Of course, there are no concrete rules when it comes to makeup, and that goes for eyebrows as well. Makeup is art and art is subjective. The above "rules" are merely guidelines and suggestions to get you started in the right direction for the perfect eyebrows. Some other good rules of thumb are as follows:
  • The head of your eyebrows should always begin on either side of the bridge of your nose. A great way to measure this is to simply hold a pen or pencil up to either side of your nose and start the eyebrow from that point.
  • Your eyebrows should arch up to about 2/3rds outward from the head of the brow. You don't want to "center" your eyebrow arch unless you're specifically going for the "rainbow" look over each eye.
  • Don't cut the tail off your brow! You want your eyebrow tail to extend as far as you can, as long at it doesn't end up in a lower position from where the head of the eyebrow begins.
  • And it's always a great look when the tail of your eyebrow ends in a sharp, tapered point. This helps "lift" the eye.