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July 12, 2018
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August 28, 2018

“I’m Doin This For Me” #ForeverDoingMe

Too many times I’ve heard women say “I don’t wear makeup because I’m naturally beautiful!” Or my favorite from men is “You don’t need makeup!”

I don’t recall ever actually thinking I NEEDED makeup or that I wasn’t beautiful because I choose to wear makeup because essentially I’m doin it for ME!

Wearing makeup is a choice and one that I solely made on my own since as a little girl I was never taught about makeup, how to do makeup, nor did I see anyone wearing makeup. Except at funerals and it was really BAD makeup!🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m talking clumpy mascara and RED lipstick with pink blush! Artists somehow find beauty in everything, so I remember admiring how rosy the pink blush made the cheeks look or how the lashes looked full from far away despite the clumps.

So why is it because I CHOOSE to wear makeup do people automatically think
  1. I’m welcoming your opinion on what I need and don’t need and
  2. That I’m not beautiful without it?
Let me assure you I’m doing this for me and you should Do YOU! Makeup is NOT intended to instantly make you beautiful, instead it accents your natural features or helps you alter the features of the face. For example, someone who wants to show off her high cheek bones may CHOOSE to wear blush and highlighter. Someone like me who has super high cheek bones and is chubby may CHOOSE to add some definition to their face therefore they may contour the face. Or someone who CHOOSES to bring out their eyes may wear mascara or eyeshadow.

Makeup is an ART and what you CHOOSE or not CHOOSE to wear shouldn’t define your beauty but instead should be viewed as self-expression. Therefore the next time you see me running errands in my bare face or if you see me with a full face of makeup please remember I’M DOING THIS FOR ME because I’m doing ME and you should do you! #ForeverDoingMe