The Best Eyeshadow Colors to Match Your Eye Color
The Best Eyeshadow Colors to Match Your Eye Color
July 6, 2018
“I’m Doin This For Me” #ForeverDoingMe
August 14, 2018

Summer Heat Slay

As you live your best life this summer (Yasssss!), do you find yourself torn between “SLAYing the Scene”(makeup) or “Being Cool” in a bare face? Tough life decisions! (insert dramatic scene where I'm laying on the ground, confused and crying) If you choose to SLAY (good decision) here are some of my favorite Summer Time Fineeeee products that won’t have you feel like your makeup is melting off your face in that 90 degree heat! (Ugggh, the worst!)

First let’s wake up the skin by spraying some MAC Cosmetics Fix Plus!

When it’s hot, remember your body is going to sweat naturally to try to cool you off. With sweat comes that frenemy we love to hate: sebum aka oil. So we’ll use MAC Cosmetics Oil Control Lotion as your moisturizer. Oil Control lotion controls your oils but also hydrates your skin because the last thing we want is dehydrated skin. (oh God, Noooo!)

Next, I love to prime with Becca Evermatte Poreless Primer, another oil controlling agent that minimizes the appearance of pores as well. For all those gals who use milk of magnesia on your skin before makeup (Please stopppp!)try this primer instead.

The key to slaying while it’s HOT is less is more. So I don’t recommend a full coverage foundation. Instead, I like to keep the skin glowy and effortless. My favorite foundation to help me achieve this look is MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation. This foundation is shear but buildable, long-wearing, and gives you a satin finish. Perfect foundation to achieve that second skin and slay thru the heat!

Ready! Set! Conceal! MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is going to be your best friend for this summer time fine look. Not only is this formula long wearing but it is lightweight and a little bit goes a longggg way! 2 pumps is too much ladies!

Apply your favorite eyeshadows. I’ll need a separate blog to discuss my favorites.

If your face is chubby like mine you may not be able to live without contour. (I feel you on so many levels) I love using MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder in NW58.

Apply your favorite blush. My favorite blush for my skin tone is Format from MAC Cosmetics.

Here comes my favorite: HIGHLIGHTER! Listen -  for this look, feel free to highlight for the Gods! But we want the skin to glow, we don’t want you to look like a lightning bug. I love to mix Becca’s Topaz and MAC Cosmetics Oh Darling. Yasssss!

Lastly, apply your lip and set your skin with MATTE Fix Plus and get ready to Werrrkk and SLAY! (Use Matte fix Plus away from your face if you have dark hair)

💋Jenaè Rosè