8 Ways You're Ruining Your Skin's Health Without Realizing It
8 Ways You’re Ruining Your Skin’s Health Without Realizing It
June 29, 2018
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July 12, 2018

The Best Eyeshadow Colors to Match Your Eye Color

When you walk into a room, one of the first things people notice is your eyes. Everyone’s eyes are unique, and dressing up your one-of-a-kind peepers with the right colors simply couldn’t be easier. The first thing you need to think of when deciding the best shade to pair with your eyes is the good old fashion color wheel! Basic color theory dictates that colors located directly across from one another on the color wheel create the effect of a high contrast when they’re put side-by-side. This has the effect of making each color really stand out and catch everyone’s attention. But which colors best go together for your eyes?

Green Eyes

People with green eyes often notice the shade of green changes from day to day, outfit to outfit. Many times people refer to their eye color as hazel, especially if this color changing phenomenon is more prominent. Either way, the rules for green (or hazel eyes) are the same.

Blue and purple eyeshadow with cool undertones will definitely make any shade of hazel eyes pop. Concentrate the color near your lash line for the most dramatic and eye-catching effect. And if you’re going out during the evening, you can go even more dramatic and apply the shadow around the entire perimeter of your eye.

Since red is the complementary color to green, it can create an incredible, intense look when set against green eyes. But you can also run the risk of it appearing cheap or tacky if you don’t apply it just right. Your best bet is to go for an eyeshadow that has red undertones in it rather than a full out bright red. Think maroon, burgundy, copper, anything with “burnt” in the name! These subtle reds can jazz up your smoky look without going too crazy into clown town.

Gold and bronze are also really bold choices that folks with green eyes can use to make a statement. The neutral essence of gold also intensifies the natural green hues in your eyes and helps to highlight the natural flecks of gold that green-eyed people are blessed with.

Blue Eyes

If your eyes are blue, the rule of thumb is always, “less is more.” Blue eyed people can hold their own when it comes to going light on the eye makeup. Even the smallest amount of eyeshadow will go a long way in emphasizing blue eyes.

Neutrals are a good place to start. Taupe, medium brown and beige eyeshadows create a soft look that won’t overpower your blue eyes while also letting them shine and stand out. The contrast of warm colors against a cool blue tone is a match made in heaven. And for a brighter daytime look, go for something in peach or coral.

If you know your color wheel, you know that orange and red are opposite of blue. The orange tones in copper, gold and rust help let the natural beauty of blue eyes stand out. And if you want to make a bigger impact, try using an extremely dark brown eyeliner to create a winged look.

Whether you’re out on the town or sitting in a meeting, metallic shades are always perfect for blue eyes. Bronze shades make blue eyes look crisp and vivid, rose gold helps add a subtle sheen, and pewter gray has the effect of clarity.

Brown Eyes

If your eyes are brown then you’re in luck! Brown can’t be found on the color wheel for one very basic reason: it’s a mixture of all the primary colors. Brown eyes are also the most neutral eye color and as a result are the easiest eyes to dress up with makeup.

Jewel tones can help deliver a picture-perfect contrast against brown eyes. You also can’t go wrong using burnt orange, emerald green, and sapphire blue so create a light wash of color or as the focal point in a smoky eye look.

Gray and silver color hues will instantly brighten dark brown eyes as well as create the illusion that they’re larger and wide-awake. You can also try mixing different shades of gray together and pressing them into your lash line and eyelids.

If you want to really make a statement, purple can have a truly eye-popping effect! Purple shades bring out the depth and dimension of brown eyes. And if you have a fairer skin tone, you can go with lavender or shades of mauve. People with deeper, darker skin tones pair better with the bolder, richer hues of purple (think plum and eggplant).