Ready Set Slay Episode 5: #BestieChronicles
November 10, 2018
My 2018 Baecation
December 19, 2018

Ready Set Slay Podcast Episode 6: Trent Shelton and the Importance of Self-Care

A QUICK NOTE: There was a bad connection during the phone interview for this episode. We have done everything possible to clean up the audio. Thank you!

Nothing could stop me from recording this episode of Ready Set Slay. Not the scheduling conflict caused by my guest and I being on two different time zones, not the flat tire I received on my way to record our interview and not the previously mentioned recording quality.

On this episode of Ready Set Slay, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with motivational speaker and self-care advocate Trent Shelton! As a former NFL player and new the founder of Rehab Time - a nonprofit aimed at uplifting, educating, and empowering people with motivation and positivity.

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